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DielenFix DF 17

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300 pcs. DielenFix DF 17 stainless steel A2 in the objektpack incl. 600 pcs. BohrFix FB 4,2 x 17 mm, stainless steel, TX 20, full thread, 150 pcs. L-BohrFix FB 4,5 x 29 mm stainless steel, TX 20, partial thread, assembly instruction and SIHGAFIX stainless steel TX 20

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SIHGA®  Feature   YOUR benefit
fastens planks invisibly screwed; developed, patented and produced in Austria   elegant look and long-lasting fastening
suitable for almost all wood types     reduces fault ratio when delivering the material to the constructon site, this saves time and reduces storage costs
made from hardened stainless steel   rust-free fastening, extremely break-proof
planks remain undamaged on all visible surfaces   the timber is screwed from below, this results in a longer lifespan and prevents rot
compensates for the swelling and shrinkage of the wood   reduces the crack and break behaviour of the timber during these natural processes
suitable for all plank widths   only one system for different plank widths
selection of three screw lengths   optimised fastening of the different plank thicknesses from 19 mm, TEBIT® eases installation
variable adjustment of the visible joint (0 - 15 mm)   suitable for every developer, FugiFix® is the ideal assistant here
connector height with 6 mm for optimal ventilation   ensures optimum constructive wood protection; prevents accumulations of water between the plank and substructure
includes SIHGAFIX® rust-free from hardend stainless steel, BohrFix® with drill bit and installation instructions   SIHGAFIX® enables screwing in the deep grooves and prevents rust from external sources; time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed
two screw points per DielenFix® on the plank   creates the same stability as when visibly screwed from above, and prevents warping of the timer
with joint spacing ≥8 mm    individual planks can be disassembled or replaced
SIHGA® TIP   Online calculation at www.sihga.com (terrace); as substructure we recommend the TefaFix® T.

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