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GoFix MS II 6,0 140

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100 pcs. GoFix MS II 6,0 x 140 mm, coated SC 3, TX 30, partial thread in the montagepack incl. assembly instruction, system pencil S1 and SIHGAFIX TX 30

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SIHGA® Feature   YOUR Benefit
made in Austria   top European quality and added-value
special thread geometry   optimal traction in the end grain
fastens wood to wood, even OSB panels   screw without pre-drilling and pre-sinking
screwing permissible from 0° up to 90° to the grain   fastens with all screw-in angles
fastens pressure-resistant insulation materials for on-rafter insulation   for insulation with a compressive stress above 50 kPa
the splitting effect in the wood is reduced through the special multi-stage head   saves 50 % of the storage, combines counter-sunk head and flat-head; transfers high forces, but can still be countersunk and facilitates screw connections close to the edge
special ribs on shaft and slip coating   pre-drilling effect, easy rotation, battery-saving
SIHGA® tip   fast setting of the screw, user-friendly and time-saving
including SIHGAFIX®, Systemstift® and installation instructions   time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed; SIHGAFIX® also enables screwing into deep grooves
SIHGA® Ornamental Washer MSZ for diameter 8 mm   this Ornamental Washer MSZ increases the tensile force of the head to 9.1 kN; very attractive solution
design values   SIHGA® will do the calculation for you
SIHGA® TIP   for perfect screw pattern, screw head in flush

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